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All-On-4 Dental Implants

The Revolutionary New Treatment

All On 4 is a treatment technique used to replace all of a patient’s teeth on four dental implants. The treatment evolved over time to overcome bone-deficient areas towards the back of the mouth.

By tilting the back implants 45 degrees we are able to create adequate support for immediate replacement and reduce the need for bone grafting.

The All On 4 technique makes it simpler to achieve optimal results, because there are fewer components involved. This also has an added benefit of being easier for patients to clean and maintain.

All On 4 Plus ® represents the pinnacle of science and innovation

Developed by All On 4 Clinic founder Dr Alex Fibishenko, All On 4 Plus® incorporates proven techniques and methods to enhance the function, aesthetics and durability of the prosthesis. Our innovative and flexible approach allows us to tailor treatment planning with individual circumstances in mind. Regardless of the patient’s requirements, we’re able to provide optimal results in the most efficient way possible. Designed with results in mind, All On 4 Plus® provides room for flexibility and creative licence.

Immediate Replacement Teeth

Avoid prolonged treatment time

The focus of the All On 4 treatment is reducing excessive treatment durations. While traditionally implants required months to integrate into the jawbone before replacement teeth could be placed, this technique allows the prosthesis to be immediately fitted.

The process is designed to be simple, providing patients with a seamless experience. However All On Four is a highly advanced surgical procedure, the success of which depends on the training and experience of the clinician. The experience and training of All On 4 Clinic professionals is what allows us to maintain success rates in excess of 95%.

Because our skilled team work within dedicated facilities, we’re also able to offer a streamlined treatment process. With a fully integrated dental laboratory and purpose-built theatre for IV sedation and general anaesthetics, treatment is not spread across multiple locations.

Simplicity …the ultimate sophistication!
Leonardo Da Vinci

Step 1

Following consultation and treatment planning, any existing teeth are removed and the jawbone reshaped.

Step 2

Dental implants are placed in a way that allows immediate loading and usually avoids the need for bone grafting.

Step 3

Replacement Teeth (prosthesis) are created onsite in a specialised dental implant laboratory.

Step 4

The final teeth are placed within 24-48 hours of surgery.

Zygoma Plus offers treatment solutions for poor or thin jawbone.

Lack of jawbone is a problem that has plagued long-term denture wearers and those missing teeth. When teeth are removed the bone naturally begins to recede, a condition that is made worse over time by wearing dentures. Even with teeth still present, advanced gum disease or severe infection can also erode the jawbone. Previously considered not suitable for dental implant treatment, the Zygoma Plus technique is a combination of proven methods that allow these patients to experience the many benefits of full mouth rehabilitation.


The Revolutionary New Treatment