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The All On 4 Clinic is a network of hand-picked specially trained clinicians with facilities throughout Australia that meet the required standards set by the brand to reflect its focus on immediate and fixed full set teeth replacement.


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The seminars are very popular and seat reservation is required. You get an opportunity to meet the surgeon and/or other members of the All On 4 Plus implant team who will be presenting live for 30-45 minutes, and may also meet some of our patients who volunteer to talk about their own treatment and personal experience.

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All On 4 Clinic runs regular public information seminars on full set teeth replacement with dental implants, featuring the All On 4 Plus treatment concept, as well as other procedures.

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The ALL ON 4 Clinic is the official brand of network clinics that offer superlative care in all aspects of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Avoid dentures with All On 4 dental implant treatment…
replacement teeth in just 1-2 days.

The All-On-4 dental implants look, feel and function naturally.

All On 4 Clinic is home to some of the innovators of All On 4 in Australia and New Zealand. As the birthplace of All On 4 Plus and Zygoma Plus, we offer treatment solutions to those previously believed untreatable. Even after decades of denture wearing, dental implants are now able to improve the quality of your life.

Find out more [About Us] and what makes All On 4 Clinic the leading choice for dental rehabilitation.


Because we design treatment plans tailored to your individual needs, we’re able to focus on getting the visual and functional results you want. And regardless of the treatment required, we aim to deliver outstanding results while avoiding lengthy treatment durations. Which means you can get back to your life sooner.

Whether it’s the standard All On 4 treatment, or something more advanced, you’ll benefit from the expertise of All On 4 Clinic’s specially chosen providers and all-inclusive facilities. By meticulously refining our process, our dedicated clinics offer a consistently exceptional level of service.

For the service, level of care and results you’ll get.

With thousands of dental rehabilitation cases completed, benefit from our extensive experience, research and development. Our innovative procedures allow us to reverse the functional and aesthetic effects of tooth loss. Take a look at some of our [case studies] to see what is possible with All On 4 dental treatment

“Many of our patients at the All On 4 Clinic have been told elsewhere that they were not suitable for dental implants.”

Are your teeth holding you back?

For Igor getting rid of his loose denture meant he could play saxophone again.

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Because your quality of life matters.

The research and development surrounding dental implants makes it one of the most successful dental procedures to date. As the standard of care for tooth replacement, dental implants provide a superior alternative to dentures.

Thanks to advances in dental and medical technology, dental rehabilitation is now a possibility for more patients than ever before. Previously turned away due to poor or thin jawbone, many patients had resigned themselves to putting up with gappy smiles, ill-fitting dentures or poor function.

Pioneered at the All On 4 headquarters in Melbourne, our advanced procedures can impact a patient’s well being. Along with the functional and aesthetic consequences, tooth deterioration and loss can effect a person’s self-confidence. Far from just reversing the physical symptoms, full mouth rehabilitation can affect a person’s self-esteem.

At All On 4 Clinic we believe that ‘Happiness begins with a smile’ and take pride in making a difference in our patient’s lives. The ability to eat, function and smile should be a basic human right, rather than a privilege. This core value is behind everything we do, and has allowed us to give thousands of our patient’s a new lease on life.

The design of All On 4 Plus® and planning protocols are such that they give the dentist and laboratory technician creative licence and flexibility in creating optimal individualised results.


Booking are essential call 1300 255 664 for more information.

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All-On-4 Clinic believe in transparency when it comes to our treatments. So we offer FREE information night to fully inform you benefits and costs of the All-On-4 treatment.




Gum Disease, Splaying Teeth, Gappy smile, Missing Back Teeth


UPPER Standard immediate All-On-4 rehabilitation Completion: 2 Days




Open Bite, Supre-Erupted Teeth, Gingival Imbalance, Partial Denture with Clasps


UPPER & LOWER All-On-4 Plus rehabilitation with Alveolectomy and aesthetic gum replacement Completion: 2 Days




Worn Teeth, Missing Teeth, Collapsed Bite, Unable to Tolerate Dentures


UPPER & LOWER Standard immediate All-On-4 rehabilitation Completion: 3 Days




Cross Bite, Advanced Gum Disease, Missing Teeth, Loose Teeth


UPPER & LOWER All-On-4 Plus
rehabilitation with Alveolectomy and aesthetic gum replacement Completion: 3 Days